About Our School

Apollo Bay is in a beautiful coastal town surrounded by the Otway ranges. This rich environment has attracted a community with a strong commitment to a healthy active lifestyle, the environment and a great interest in the arts. This is reflected in the colleges programs and supported by students, parents and the wider community.

The college is organised in 3 sub-schools, Junior -Prep to Year 4, Middle -Year 5 to 9 and Senior -Year 10 to 12. The total student population is approximately 240. Our college has a tradition of high academic achievement complimented by outstanding achievements in the Arts, Music and Sport. The great majority of our students move on to tertiary study post Year 12.

Our college is committed to helping develop in students the capacity, desire and tools to achieve their best in all endeavours. We foster a sense of awareness, responsibility and respect in global, family, community and individual contexts. We support and encourage students in the pursuit of excellence.











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